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Our blinds and how they work

Total blackout blinds for babies, children and adults.

Our blinds are designed for those of us who like to sleep in a very dark room.

Our blinds are simple, inexpensive way of totally blacking out a room..... No gaps or light leaking through the sides or top!

Handmade and bespoke to each window frame, our blinds are made from the best quality blackout material (white) and covered in a lovely fabric to match your decor.

The velcro has been SEWN into our blinds, Which means you can take it down as many times a day night as you need, without the velcro un-sticking from the blind. The Hook side of the velcro is self adhesive and will stay stuck to the window frame.

When your blind is applied to the sticky side of the velcro, which you attach to your window frame it creates a seal around the window frame and will block all the light coming through even in full sun!

Which means you or your children can sleep in the daytime in a very dark room.

Great solution for putting children to bed on time on those the light late summer evenings, and great for those early sunrises

So easy to install, no need for drills or screwdrivers, Just place the velcro around the window frame and apply the blind.


  • 3 pass total Blackout material covered in a fabric of your choice

  • You can leave the window open

  • Reflects the sun and keeps the room cool

  • Insulates in the winter

  • Reduce draughts

  • No cords ' keep it safe'

  • Can be used with existing curtains/ blinds you may already have.

  • Our blinds are made to last and can be taken down and put up as many times a day as you need

  • We can cover just about any shaped window

  • Choose from our range of fabrics which are included in the price

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Rosetta Art Centre, Stratford.  David Allies-Curtis,  Arts Development Officer
" Just a quick one to say thank you for the blinds. They fit beautifully. Sorry its taken so long to say so, things are very busy here!"

Rosetta Art Centre, Straftford. David Allies-Curtis, Arts Development Officer

The blinds are perfect, thank you. Could you give me a quote for some more please!

Mrs H. Palmer

"I just ordered a blackout blind from Custom Black Out Blinds and I'm delighted with it. It was made to measure and is supplied with sticky velcro strips which is how it attaches to the window, blocking out virtually all light. It's not too expensive either -  They have some sweet fabrics or they will use one you supply. The company was set up by a mum who designed it for her own son. The blind came very quickly and she was very helpful."
Now here's hoping for some lie-ins....!

Mrs Thomas, Clapham

Thank you so Much for such a fantastic blind! has worked wonders for our little boy

Sandy Williams

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